The present SAFETY FIRST VOLUNTEER FIRE COMPANY, No. 1, of WEST EASTON, PENNA., is the result of a suggestion made one day back in 1912 by the late William Flynn, then proprietor of the Spring Grove Hotel.


Others present approved the idea and a meeting was set for the following week in the Borough Hall. The first meeting was composed of the following: William Flynn, Sr., Thomas Kay, William Stout, Sr., Harry Gabler, Thomas Woods, Sr., William Stout, Jr., Maurice Klega, Charles Bullock, Benjamin Hay and Albert Crick, Sr.


They organized by electing William Flynn, President; Maurice Klega, Secretary; Thomas Woods, Sr., Treasurer; and Thomas Kay, Chief.


In need of funds for equipment, this small band of determined men started moving. The spark in the drive was instituted by Benjamin Hay and William Flynn. Driving around in a horse and buggy they approached Mr. Evan Chipman of the Chipman Knitting Mills for their donation. On being told the reason for the visit, he approved the idea by donating $500. Their next stop was Mr. Elder, an official of the Ingersoll Rand Company. Listening to their story and informed as to what Mr. Chipman gave, he unhesitatingly matched the amount. Not content with this start, they paid a visit to the Adamson Chemical Company where they received another fine amount of $250. Thus in one afternoon these two men raised $1,250, a fine start for the newly organized fire company.


With this as a start, the company held bazaars, shooting matches and carnivals to raise funds for a fire apparatus. In time a "VIM" truck was purchased in Philadelphia. This served until 1916 when a new Dodge truck was obtained and gradually equipped, as funds became available. The resultant benefits to the citizens of the Borough was the drop in insurance rates from $1.05 to $0.70.

Safety First Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 was founded August 12, 1912.




The First Fire Station was shared with the Borough Hall building at Sixth and Center Streets.

The first engine purchased was a 1916 Dodge.

The Safety First Volunteer Fire Company, No. 1, of West Easton, PA., was incorporated on June 4, 1930.

On September 4, 1931 the new fire station building was dedicated.

In 1940 a new Hahn Pumper was purchased.


In 1952 the fire station was remodeled.


In 1964, the Borough of West Easton purchased this Mack Pumper to replace the 1940 Hahn.


October 8, 1970 the newly constructed fire station at the corners of Sixth and Keystone Streets was dedicated.

In 1983 the Fire Company purchased a Pierce Mini-Pumper to mark the first time the Company had two pieces of equipment.

In 1987 the 1964 Mack Pumper was replaced with a Ford/Pierce Suburban Pumper.

In 1997 the 1983 Pierce Mini-Pumper was replaced with a Pierce Saber Pumper.

In 2007 the 1987 Pierce Pumper was replaced with a Pierce Enforcer Pumper.

Safety First Volunteer Fire Company

307 Sixth Street

West Easton, PA 18042



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